Are the Live and Zoom classes recorded?

Yes! All Silver Facebook Live classes and Gold Zoom classes are saved and uploaded to the Private Facebook pages, so you can work out in your own time! There are 100’s of recorded Live & Zoom classes to choose from. Use the search bar to find a specific workout on a specific day. Type the date in the search bar. The workout delivered on that day should show up.

What happens if I can’t make the Live or Zoom classes?
All-Fit Wāhine classes are accessible at any time. If you miss the Silver LIVE class or a Gold ZOOM class you can go back and complete the workout once it’s posted on the Private Facebook pages. You can complete these workouts at any time that suits you. You can also watch a workout as many times as you like from the Private FB pages. Just type in the date in the search bar to find a specific workout.
How do I join Fit Wāhine?
You can join the Fit Wāhine Community on our website www.fitwahine.co.nz. Once you have made the payment and signed up to a Fit Wāhine membership with Debit Success or Stripe you will be redirected to a web page with the two Facebook groups links to join. This will have the Fit Wāhine Silver and Gold Facebook page. Please click on the Membership link you signed up for and request to join the Facebook group. You will also be sent a confirmation email which includes your membership contract and the Facebook landing page link.
If I am an NZ member, how do I cancel my membership?

All Aotearoa/ NZ based Fit Wāhine Gold and Silver Memberships are managed by our third part company Debit Success. For all cancellations please call 0800 481 0400 or email www.debitsuccess.co.nz. Every NZ based Fit Wāhine Member is managed by Debit Success. If you have any questions regarding your Fit Wāhine Membership, please contact Debit Success.

If I am an International Member, how do I cancel my Membership?

All International Membership cancellations must be sent to [email protected]

Do I need equipment to join Fit Wāhine?

YES & NO! Our Slay in Silver Membership workouts require zero equipment. However, some of the Gold Membership workouts require equipment. You can view what equipment is needed here.

I am not very fit, will the Fit Wāhine classes cater to my fitness level?
We know it’s hard to get started sis, but you do not have to face those obstacles alone because we’ve got your back! All-Fit Wāhine workouts have alternative exercises. The Fit Wāhine Coach will demonstrate all alternatives for all GOLD & SILVER classes. We always encourage you to listen to your tinana, go at your own pace and do what works for you. Most of our workouts are time-based which means you perform as many reps as you can within the time. And of course, there are breaks in between.
I am breastfeeding, will the Live and Zoom workouts have an effect on my milk supply?
We are not breastfeeding consultants however, according to research, moderate exercise shouldn’t have an effect on your milk supply, however, it is really important to note that every wāhine is different and it’s something that every breastfeeding wahine needs to keep in mind. Some wāhine may find their milk supply is affected by exercise and others may have no problem at all. We always encourage you to listen to your tinana and seek medical advice if you are worried.
I don’t understand Te Reo Māori, will I know what to do in the workouts? Can I still attend or watch the Live or Zoom classes?
Although you may not understand Te Reo Māori, you will still be able to watch and see what exercises Coach Puawai is delivering during the workout. We suggest showing up to our Reo Rua/Bilingual classes first so that you get the hang of it before joining a Full Te Reo Māori workout.
I am not Māori, can I still join Fit Wāhine?
Absolutely yes! If you feel that you align with the Fit Wāhine Movement, you are most welcome to join the Fit Wāhine kaupapa. Please note, the Fit Wāhine space is Unapologetically Indigenous and Unapologetically Māori. So if that is a bit of you, or you want to be in this space, Nau Mai sister!! Welcome!
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