If you want a fitness membership that works for your lifestyle, speaks your language, is inclusive, supportive, non judgemental 
and absolutely FIERCE – then you’re a Fit Wāhine in the making sis!

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

All you need is your mobile phone! We’ve got you sis!


Join our Gold Membership


Only $19.99
per week for 12 months
* All Fit Wāhine Memberships require a $20.95 one-off payment fee
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Only $24.99
per week for 6 months
* All Fit Wāhine Memberships require a $20.95 one-off payment fee
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Only $29.99
per week for 3 months
* All Fit Wāhine Memberships require a $20.95 one-off payment fee
Join our Gold Membership


one-off payment
*Terms and Conditions Apply


If you are new to our community, you will get the opportunity to introduce yourself through our “Ko Wai Au” process before your first class with each Coach. It is a short “Ko Wai Au” where you will share;
Ko wai koe / Who you are?
Nō hea koe / Where you are from?
Kei hea koe / Where you are tuning in from?
Every member who tunes into the class will also participate in the “Ko Wai Au” session as it promotes connection and manaakitanga.
You will be coached and supported throughout the entire workout by one of our amazing Fit Wāhine Coaches!

If you are ready for change, Fit Wāhine’s promise to you is that you do not have to face those obstacles alone.

Wāhine are stronger together!

Ngā Taputapu Kori Tinana
The Equipment

What you’ll need to really get into our Gold Zoom and Silver FB Live classes!

You can get these items from KMART or the Warehouse.  Or you can go old-school with our homemade options.

1 x Milk container filled with water, to be used for the kettlebell exercises

2 x Small bottles or cans, to be used for the dumbbell exercises

We encourage CREATIVITY and making the most of what you have!

1 Kettlebell

Beginner Kettlebell: 4kg – 6kg

Intermediate Kettlebell: 8kg – 10kg

Advanced Kettlebell: 10kg – 12kg +

1 Booty Band

1 Booty Band

2 Dumbbells

Beginner Dumbbell: 2kg – 4kg

Intermediate KDumbbell: 5kg – 6kg

Advanced Dumbbell: 7kg – 10kg +

Kōrero tautoko a ngā Fit Wāhine

Don’t just take it from us – Check out what some of our amazing Fit Wāhine members have to say!

Great environment and lots of support from the our coaches.

I felt really inspired after my firs Fit Wāhine class.

I highly recommend Fit Wāhine.

Katera Rikihana

The Fit Wāhine coaches are epic and motivating and super

encouraging and make me want to be a part of class.

I really want to say that I’m thankful that I decided to sign

up because although I’m not at every class I feel like I’m an important

part of a close knit community and I am loving my time with you Fit Wāhine!

Dayna Ngatai

Loving this FIT Wāhine community right here!

Way we ought to be in this world, fit, strong, healthy, mind-body spirit and soul.

Fit Wāhine has amazing benefits and not just physically. They challenge you mentally!

Puawai has inspired me for a long time! Coach Charm and Coach Muz is are amazing!

I can honestly say that Fit Wāhine works whānau!!!

Waimarama Knowels

I joined Fit Wahine in December last year and I absolutely love it!

The vibe, the motivation, the language, the feeling of being part of a Whānau!

This week I had a non-scale victory.. size 10 pants!

I fit them! I feel comfortable in them! I’m feeling good!

Ellen Ward

Puawai’s positive and boundless energy and the variety and challenge makes

her classes awesome! I highly recommend Fit Wāhine Aotearoa

for anyone wanting to feel fit and positive about themselves.

Ko te kairapu ko ia te kite. She/he who seeks shall find.

Trace Moana

Kia ora I’m Angela park I am turning 45 soon After

suffering from a few health issues I decided to take some time out for me.

I have been really enjoying my time with Fit Wāhine and it

has helped with my overall wellbeing. Thank you

Angela Park

Fit Wahine has made me take back something for myself.

I love the early classes as it has given me balance with my Whānau, work and exercise.

I would like to thank you Te Puawaitanga Winterburn for

this opportunity, it has made a difference to my life.

Mel Doyle

I just want to thank you for this morning’s wonderful class. I’ve only been doing the programme for a few weeks but already I’ve

noticed a huge change not only in myself but in my whanau also. I have two teenage boys, who upon seeing my motivation,

have become motivated themselves not only to lose weight but to get fit in general. Prior to doing this, I was never a morning person,

now I’m up and FUNCTIONING which is a huge feat for me. I lost 2kgs in 1 week,  I also have a lot more energy. Seeing Coach Puawai

work as hard as you do when you’re as hapu as you are, hearing you encourage your Mum with her workout, gets me motivated to

push myself just that little bit further each and every day.

Amy T

Fit Wāhine has been the best thing I ever did to invest in myself, build my confidence and kick start my haroua journey again.

The space Puawai has created is safe,  positive and empowering. What more could you ask for?

I recommended Fit Wāhine to my māmā and sister who joined in and I 100% recommend to every wāhine reading this,

because it is for everyone. Ngā mihi Puawai & Coaching team

Kanisha x

The Fit Wahine 6 Week Challenge has been an absolutely amazing journey for me.

I loved the consistency of our coaches who pushed me through every workout!

The Nutritional Information shared with us by Puawai has

been my absolute highlight about the challenge.

I gained a lot of knowledge about calories and how and which

kai fuels my tinana so that it functions better.

Tui Akuhata-Green

I am so happy I made the decision to join Fit Wahine last year.

I started doing a 6 week challenge which was a great way to

start my journey and helped with the motivation.

Coach Puawai is so encouraging and supportive.

Gemma Inglis

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